Best Sports Medicine Physician and Clinic in Newmarket

Playing sports is a wonderful way to get physical activity, stay in shape, and benefits both the body and mind. Unfortunately, anyone who plays sports regularly will likely know that occasionally injuries happen. When you do get an injury, it’s important to get treated right away by knowledgeable professionals who will thoroughly assess you and begin treatment, or provide a referral so you can get the proper care needed for your injury.

We offer the best solutions to your sports injury

Vital Care Medical can help you begin to recover from your injury. Our sports medicine clinic in Newmarket provides assessments of acute and chronic sports injuries. We also ensure urgent referrals for diagnostic imaging if required. As well, we offer ongoing rehabilitation on a scheduled basis. During your initial appointment, you will receive a complete evaluation.

Vital Care Medical provides referrals for multiple sports injury-related issues

We understand that sports injuries can create a multitude of health problems, not only physical but neurological as well. During your evaluation, we will determine what sort of care you will require, and we will provide you with referrals if needed. We provide referrals for the following 4 cases:

  1. Acute management
  2. Orthopedic and neurological assessments
  3. Functional training
  4. Custom bracing

Start on the road to recovery today with Vital Care Medical

Dealing with an injury is never fun, and it can often be confusing as to where to turn for help. Our goal at Vital Care Medical is to provide you with the best care possible so that you can heal faster, and get back to being able to do the sports and activities you enjoy sooner. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.